Dear Mr. Zecher,

Your company built a home for my daughter and family (Tammy & Joey Williams) located in Live Oak, Florida. Their home was beautiful, and I cannot even explain the excitement of moving in and the anticipation of spending the night in their brand new "Dream Home". An unfortunate "accident" occurred when a pipe burst and their home was flooded.

It was so devastating and frightening time for Tammy and Joey. We were all in a panic mode at the time. Joey contacted your office and you were located. You came immediately with a crew of men.

You walked into the home, assessed the damage and cause, and put the crew to work immediately.

But I wanted to express to you our sincere appreciation for the way you handled the situation in its entirety. You came into the situation with everyone at a breaking point, you were calm, reassuring to everyone and took charge immediately. It was through your guidance and the spirit in which you organized everything and your quiet, confident, reassuring manner we were able to get control and we were all working side by side with renewed hope in our hearts.

Tammy & Joey are now living in thcir ncw "Dream Home" and so happy and proud of their home. Dreams Do Come True' So again, my sincere appreciation for you, for your expertise in making a "Dream Home" a reality. Also for the big, extended helping hand you freely extended and for the kindness you have shown to the Williams family.

Wanda Pettis

When I was ready to build, I asked around town for the most reputable builder. There were a few suggestions from some friends, but most said to check with Bryan Zecher. I saw several homes Bryan built and was impressed.

Bryan is an honest, genuine, Christian man who keeps his word on the contracts he writes, the building quality he uses, and each part of the construction completion deadlines. He built a custom home for me, which I in part, designed with some very stringent specifications. The architect he used was very well qualified and did the design exactly as I wanted.

His cost was in line with the rest of the builders; however the quality of construction was much better. He chose some very honest subcontractors, which were very sweet to me, for I was on site daily while they were building my home. Bryan showed up almost daily, which many contractors do not do. He always asked me if all was going well, and I told him of some items that needed attention, and he willingly complied. The sub contractors admired Bryan as a builder and loved to work with him. They told me he was the best builder and I was fortunate to have him.

He used my home in the Parade of Homes for 2007, which was about 80% complete at the time. It did display his quality workmanship, which some builders with completed homes hide in various ways their poorer workmanship.

I am now in my completed home, and could not be a happier person. He has come to do some small items which all new homes have, at the time I requested and was very happy to check on these problems. He likes to keep his clients satisfied.

I have built four homes in my lifetime, and this was the best built with the best of quality workmanship. Also, Bryan's staff of Becky and Harry is to be commended for their pleasant attitude and assistance to the customers and sub contractors.

Rose-Marie G. Wilson
304 SW Short Leaf Drive
Lake City, FL 32024

Dear Bryan,

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did in building our Real Estate office. Being very familiar with construction I am able to realize what a really good builder I had in Bryan Zecher Construction. The job was very professional it was finished early with no complications whatsoever. I have had no problems at all after occupying the building. The whole building process was very stress free for me.The thing that I appreciated the most was that you were always very accessible to me with any questions I had and your response was very quick and very professional. I would recommend you to anyone and feel very secure that they would get the same quality work that I received. I intend to use your services again in the future. Thanks Again.

Elaine K. Tolar
Bishop Realty, Inc.

I am very pleased to recommend Bryan Zecher Construction. Bryan and his team did a great job on our new building.

We appreciate the way Bryan worked with us throughout the construction process. His calm, cheerful manner made it easy for us to communicate. He answered all of our questions and explained each step in the construction process.

If we wanted to make any changes, he never complained. Instead Bryan always offered suggestions on how we could make the changes happen.

We are impressed with the overall quality construction of the building. Again, we definitely recommend Bryan Zecher Construction to any looking for an experienced and professional contractor.

Eduardo Bedoya, MD
Eye Center of North Florida
876 SW State Road 247
Lake City, FL 32025

November 14, 2008

When looking for a contractor to build my home I had a few qualifications that I was specifically interested in:

1. Someone who not only theoretically knew how to build a home but had hands on experience in construction himself. When I first met Bryan over 6 years ago he was working on a house for his in-laws – he was laying tile. The home was beautiful but what I liked was that he not only hired out subcontractors who could do a job, he also knew how to do it himself. To me this was important because if something wasn’t done right in my home I knew that he would notice it and know how to solve the problem.

2. Someone who was not only skilled, but also someone who was educated and knew what the latest trends and fashions were. Not only is Bryan skilled, but he also holds a Bachelors degree. This signified to me that he was serious about his work, enough to see if others could teach him more about his chosen profession. Bryan often attends the Builders Show to keep up to date on the latest trends and energy efficient items installed in new homes around the country. I could tell by looking at Bryan’s portfolio and some of the homes that he has built that he didn’t just build cookie cutter houses, but added personal style to each home that he built.

3. Someone who was competent, professional, organized and knew how to get the job done in a timely manner. When I met with Bryan in his office I could tell immediately that he was “on the ball”. He is very organized and has a great secretary to help keep everyone on task. There are some contractors who work out of a truck or van and there is no set schedule for subcontractors. Not so with Bryan, I can honestly say that almost every day from the start to the finish someone was at the construction site each day steadily working on my new home.

Bryan was very easy to communicate with and was constantly checking after each subcontractor to make sure that each job was done to satisfaction. I was on the job site at the end of each day while my home was being built and if I had any concerns I would email them to Bryan. Later I would see him at my home with my list in his hand going over the items that I mentioned.

I am a subcontractor myself and I work with many other contractors in the area, but it seems to me that the quality of work that Bryan does is of a better-quality than the standard home built today. He is very conscientious and works with the customer to ensure that the home is “their own”. He is also very aware of the budget and offers suggestions to get the homeowner their dream home while still staying within the confines of their budget.

I would highly recommend Bryan Zecher Construction to build any project. I am very happy in my new home, and I feel that the quality of construction is far superior to other homes recently built in this area. It was a pleasure to work with Bryan and his team.

Terri Lynch
Lynch Well Drilling, Inc.
Lake City, FL. 32025


Choosing a contractor is a very important decision and it is very wise to check references. We not only provide our customers with an excellent home, we provide great customer service and home-building experience.

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